Life in China is vibrant and rapidly changing. In just the last two or so decades, this country has pulled itself out of centuries of turmoil and isolation to become a key player on the world stage. In the city streets here, one can feel the chaotic energy of people on the move: economically, socially, physically — just getting to one’s next destination can be quite a challenge, as buses, cars, electric scooters, bicycles and pedestrians all jostle for position!

I am currently living in southwest China, in the city of Kunming, Yunnan Province, which borders Vietnam, Laos, Burma, and Tibet. Yunnan is known for its scenic landscapes, mild climate and colorful culture — many of China’s 56 ethnic minorities are represented here. This is my second year teaching English at Yunnan University’s Foreign Language High School. I’m also active as a professional saxophonist and as a student of Chinese language. I am on sabbatical from my job teaching world geography at Dover-Sherborn Middle School in Massachusetts, USA, where I will return in August, 2013.

This blog is a forum for sharing a bit of what I am experiencing here in China, as well as in my travels around neighboring countries. It is intended for students of all ages, and your feedback is most welcome!

View of Kunming's city center from Green Lake Park.

View of Kunming’s city center from Green Lake Park.

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